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The Camera Obscura of San Francisco is currently displayed at The New Farm SF at 10 Cargo Way, SF - open 7 days a week 10am-5pm. The camera is designed, and constucted by Chris Demonterey, former caretaker of the famous discontinued camera at the cliff house. This psychedelic painted camera is created using ancient techniques. It is built in a classic arrangement of a rotating mirror, roof mounted lens whose design is use at scenic overlooks in cities around the world, art shows and carnivals for centuries.

Through the lens of the camera obscura, you will be able to see the beautiful herons head park area, old style trains on the SF raleway, goats, chickens, and the Bay Natives nursery, all magnified and projected in a small circular theater that you may steer using the ships helm at the back wall .

Many experimenters, philosophers, and scientists over 2000 years ago realized the camera obscura affect and described it, including:

Shen Kuo

Chinese philosopher and scientist (1031–1095)


Philosopher and Scientist who described the camera obscura in his book of optics (1012 to 1021)

Leonardo Davinci

described it in The Codex Atlanticus manuscript, 16th century;

Giovanni Battista Della Porta

described it in his book, first published in 1558, entitled Magia Naturalis (Natural Magic) .d.

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